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About supernutural.

We are the pioneer and market leader in Europe for nut butter machines. A sustainable B2B concept with an unique DIY experience. Product safety, hygiene and personal service are among our core competencies. Robust materials guarantee functionality under extreme conditions. And all for one goal: the best fresh nut butter ever. No small print. No packaging waste. But full flavour without artificials.
With only one grinding level we guarantee constant cream consistency for the entire supernutural nut range which is optimally matched to the machine. The secret of nutrition lies in the diversity of nuts. Brain food without insulin release, vegetable protein for maximum performance, improvement of the immune system, full bioavailability of all vitamins and minerals, natural preservation through antibacterial behaviour and at the same time also a slimming product.
Already successful in 12 countries, we are everywhere where good food is concerned. Cup underneath, nut butter in, lid on. Anyone can become a Nutrepreneur, an added value without risk. Follow our story on lnstagram and become part of our Nutventure.

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