Freshly pressed nut cream with Impact
100% nut cream. Freshly tapped, as much as you like.

100% nuts in.
100% nut cream out.

The machines are already cult and supernutural as a love brand convinces B2B customers all over the world. Honest, simple and extremely delicious - that's all it takes to offer the experience of fresh nut cream, also with chocolate or freeze-dried fruit. We leave palm fat, sugar and unnecessary additives to the food industry. Everyone who taps automatically generates an impact for climate protection and their own nutrition. 

Our promise to the environment.


Winner of the German
Sustainability Award 2020
and CO2 neutral by 2025

100% made in Germany

High-quality materials that conserve resources
for a long service life

100% organic

Taste guarantee directly from
nut farmers, without genetic engineering and
chemical pesticides

Zero waste

Saving packaging waste,
To Go cups and
Food waste

Aaaaaah, Ooooooh, Wooooow.
This is what freshly pressed nut cream tastes like.

Popular from young to old and available in many of nature's bright colours for optimal nutrition. However, the nut cream machine for sharing is not available for the home, but our nut creams are available as ingredient when shopping, as a snack at work, for breakfast in the hotel or as a source of energy during sports. There are no limits to the many culinary uses. Once you've tried it, you won't want anything else.

supernutural is already actively changing the food world in over 30 countries.

Four employees of a delicatessen supermarket stand next to the supernutural nut machine


Customer taps fresh nut cream in an Unpacked shop


Display nut machine on a buffet in a hotel

Hotel + Restaurant

A player of the FC Bayern football team taps fresh nut cream


Lounge of a company with a snack bar.

Office + Canteen

Supermarket employee demonstrates the use of the supernutural nut machine


Depiction of the supernutural nut machine on a green meadow in nature.

Times have changed, and so have nutritional requirements.

As a winner of the German Sustainability Award 2020, fulfilling the UN Sustainability Goals is part of our DNA. With supernutural, we have been setting a new standard in nutrition and sustainability since 2015. 'You are what you eat' is the credo of a new generation of customers. Because our food has a significant impact on well-being, performance and the environment.

This is why nutrition experts, world champions and Olympic champions already trust in the functional added value of supernutural. The nutritional-physiological advantages stand for plant-based energy without compromise for body and nature.


Just one click away from fresh nut cream for customers, guests, team and employees. Our motivated B2B team looks forward to a personal consultation.